Sponsor a performance, the run of a production, or the entire season:

This is much like sponsoring a radio or television broadcast. If you are in business, you can write it off as an advertising expense.

Sponsoring a performance ($100) entitles you to two tickets to that performance; pre-show and intermission video advertisement in the lobby and auditorium identifying you as the sponsor for that performance; recognition in the program and on our website; and verbal recognition to the audience, by the host of that performance.

Sponsoring the run of a production ($500) entitles you to the same benefits listed above except that you would receive 12 tickets during the run of that production to be used as you wish:  You could use some of the passes yourself, and distribute others to valued employees or customers. All they have to do is make a reservation in your name to the performance of their choice.

Sponsoring the entire season ($1,000) entitles you to the same benefits as a performance/production sponsor, except that you would receive 25 tickets to be used as you wish throughout the season. 

If interested in becoming a performance, production, or corporate sponsor, contact the Program Advertising Chairperson (follow navigation under 'Board Members'.)

If you are a sponsor, be sure to call in your reservations to your sponsored performance(s).

(No tickets are mailed, simply make reservations under your sponsoring name.)