The Rubber Room


Performance Sponsors:

Lu & Al's Nishna Valley Cafe

McQueen Carpet Cleaning


Bank Iowa

Production Dates:
July 24-26, 31 & August 1-2, 2020

Director:  Don & Martha Jackson

Stage Manager:  

Lights/Sound:  Pete Francis 

You ever wonder what goes on in a teachers' lounge? Here is your chance to snoop on a gang of educators who'll do anything to relieve the boredom. Whether it is planning ambushes for the principal or dressing up as Vikings, this particular group is beyond compare. That is, until they find out one of them has written a book and used the rest of the staf as examples! Accusations fly like spitwads. Hand-to-hand combat breaks out just when Superintendent Brooks shows up ready to fire Principal Carp and just ahead of a newspaper reporter who asks, "Don't you want to hear what the Governor said about this?" All this during the first week of school! Is it any wonder the teachers' lounge is referred to as "the rubber room"?