Rent after Death

Dramedy (Comedy-Drama)

Production Dates:  
January 28-30, 2022

Sarah Crockett & Shana Moore

Stage ManagerMace Hensen 

Lights/SoundPete Francis 

Set Construction Duane Schierkolk

Shawn wants to move forward in his relationship with his girlfriend, Charlotte, but his needy roommate and best friend Jay is getting in the way. Also, Jay is a ghost who is not a fan of Charlotte. Shawn and Charlotte want a ghost-free weekend to help Charlotte's sister Sarah relax, but Jay wants to be included in the fun. 

* Adult humor and language. 


Connor Henderson
as Shawn

Tommy Hanna
as Jay

Blair DeBolt
as Charlotte

Stanna Wellauer
as Sarah

Mace Hensen
as Rabbi